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HPZenner® Clinical CRO

"At the HPZenner CRO we are proud of our outstanding medical specialists and of our professional clinical evaluation and clinical study services to the medical device industry."

Hans P. Zenner, M.D., MBA, Founder and CEO (CV) [965 KB]

Our Mission: "We facilitate Your Way to the MDR".
Our expertise: MDR conform Clinical Evaluations and MDR conform Clinical Studies. Our experts are C-level medical specialists. According to art. 6 MEDDEV 2.7/1 rev.4. Our experienced physicians and surgeons have been dealing intensively with medical devices for years and are deeply familiar with the health care system. Some of them are among the most internationally leading medical researchers.
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HPZenner® Clinical Research Organization is the CRO of HPZenner Clinical for the medical device industry. For the top management of medical device manufacturers we offer peer-to-peer support for clinical evaluation and clinical studies according to MEDDEV 2.7/1 rev 4, MDR and DiGAV. Our mission includes the (re-) certification and approval of medical devices according to MDR and DiGAV. Our competence: We are certified medical specialists. The clinical trial competence of our experts dates back to 1986, their clinical evaluation competence according to EU law/MPG to 1996 ....